Studies, Career & Dreams

What I’m studying now isn’t the career that I will be having, and the career that I will have has nothing to do with my dreams (aspirations).

Life is such – You’re on one path physically, mentally another, and spiritually never. Being able to study is great, you get to know stuff and live the life of ‘growing’ – figuring out what is it that you truly care and want. As for working, you get the money where you spend on things you like and you live the life of ‘modelling’; you try to model yourself according to your mental need for consistentcy and affirmation. With dreams, you feel alive and real, you are literally living ‘The Dream’.

Some say you CAN have both your career and your dreams fulfilled if you try hard enough, but truly, how many are able to despite trying their entire lives; how much do hardwork really account for?
I’d like to think hardwork is the least contributive (doesn’t matter how hard you work) element in the equation. I’d say it’s luck that matters.